Maximising returns with new supplementary sheep lick

MSM Stockfeeds is undertaking extensive research and commercial sized field trials to determine how incorporating a new specialty supplementary sheep lick can maximise returns for producers who grow and graze dual purpose canola.

Growers in the Central West are increasingly including grazing canola in their cropping programs, to capitalise on the additional feed value, as well as wider sowing, grazing and harvest windows.

MSM is working with five reputable Central West sheep and canola farmers this season who’re conducting the trials on their properties to quantify the benefits of supplementing grazing canola with our new Brassica Lick.

The MSM Brassica Lick has been developed by MSM Stockfeeds’ Consulting Nutritionist, Adjunct Professor Dr Paul Cusack. The loose lick is a combination of protein, minerals and vitamins that has been specifically formulated to supplement sheep grazing dual-purpose cereal, fodder and canola crops. It is the latest addition to our range of products designed to provide optimum nutrition to sheep, cattle and goats.

The trial compares the weight gains of lambs in control paddocks with grazing canola and no supplementary feed on offer, to weight gains in lambs grazing canola with access to the MSM Brassica Lick. It also measures the productivity, health and ease of operation of incorporating the supplementary lick into the grazing canola program.

MSM is working with farmers from across the region, including Dave Weston and Justin Dickens from the Cumnock district, as well as Dave and Sam Pratten from the Borenore area and Charlie Bloomfield from Canowindra.

The trials will run throughout the grazing period this winter, with interim results to be released following monthly weigh-ins.