Canola Meal


MSM Milling’s Expeller Pressed Non-GM Canola Meal is renowned for quality, nutrition and performance in a number of extensive livestock and pet food industries.

Our Superior Meal has:

  • High energy levels
  • High reactive lysine levels
  • Low glucosinilate levels
  • Low levels of ADICP protein

MSM Expeller Pressed Non-GM Canola Meal is available loose or pelletised in:

  • Bulk
  • Bulka Bags
  • Pellets available for delivery using a dedicated blower truck service

MSM Milling’s unique processing produces Canola Meal that is a superior feed, with high levels of bypass protein (or Rumen Undegradable Protein – RUP) and amino acid (protein) availability. Bypass protein is known to help optimise milk and meat production in ruminants.

MSM Milling’s Canola Meal has more than 45% bypass protein as a percentage of crude protein. Typical bypass protein levels for canola meal range from 35% – 40%.

The metabolisable energy (ME) of MSM Canola Meal is also high (13 – 14 megajoules/kg dry matter) as a result of the residual oil and sugars retained in the meal by expeller pressing.

MSM Milling is proud to supply some of Australia’s best known and largest livestock producers, dairies and chicken farms, as well as providing meal for pet food production. MSM Milling operates year round to ensure a constant supply of quality Canola Meal for our domestic and international customers.

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