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Company Overview

MSM Milling is a 100% Australian family owned company based in Manildra in the heart of the New South Wales farming belt.

MSM Milling transforms Non-GM canola seed bought directly from more than 1,000 local farmers, into value added oil, meal and stockfeed products at its fully integrated oilseed crushing, oil refining, packaging and stockfeed manufacturing operation in regional NSW.

MSM Milling uses world best technology in a unique non solvent, mechanical expeller pressing extraction process which produces extra high quality Canola Oil and Canola Meal.

These products are sold in a variety of bulk, food service and retail packaging formats to major food manufacturers, food service providers, distributors, retailers, end users and stock feeders in Australia and around the world.

Food safety, superior quality, innovation, value and customer service are core values in all aspects of our operations. MSM Milling operates under HACCP, Halal and Kosher certifications to ensure product integrity and absolute food safety are achieved.


MSM Milling’s mission is to enrich in every way possible our partners, communities and employees by being the best oilseed products supplier. We are achieving this through commitment to:


Supporting our farmers, suppliers, customers, partners, employees and local communities.

Environment and Sustainability

Employing ethical and sustainable practices in all aspects of our business.

Reinvestment and Innovation

Continuous reinvestment, innovation and improvement in all aspects of our operations.


Producing healthy oil and oil products for all end users.

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What We Do


MSM Milling’s innovative, purpose built plant leads the world in fully integrated energy and resource efficient production practices. Maximum heat recovery, efficient energy and water usage and virtually zero waste underpin our sustainable operation.

Non-GM canola seed is expeller pressed into refined, bleached and deodorised oil in a one pass integrated process.

The innovative, purpose built production facility leads the world in fully integrated energy and resource efficient production practices. Maximum heat recovery, efficient energy and water usage and virtually zero waste underpin this sustainable operation.

A $5.38m biomass-fuelled boiler commissioned in 2019 replaces three LPG boilers, ensuring the vast majority of heat and steam requirements now come from renewables.



Our state of the art packing plant is located next to the MSM Milling refinery to provide seamless packing of oil in a variety of packaging formats for domestic and export markets. Its location integrates the packaging arm of the business with the oil seed pressing to guarantee quality and freshness and negates the need for freight of oil to off site packing plants.

The site boasts fully integrated drum manufacturing and oil filling lines for 20-Litre drums, 15-Litre Bag in Box and a retail bottling line that fills 1, 2 and 4 Litre PET bottles. The KUKA robotic palletiser combined with automated FIFO warehouse system ensures cost effective and quality assured production.

Our Packing Plant is renowned for extremely fast and flexible order fulfilment, with product delivered to domestic customers securely palletised and wrapped.

The key component of the packing arm of the business is the ability to supply our customers with oil products branded in their own packaging, allowing them to build awareness of individual brands.

Storage and Logistics

MSM Milling is located on the major East West rail route, in the centre of the New South Wales canola growing region. Our partnership with the Manildra Group allows access to dedicated long and short haul train sets for delivery of grain from storage sites in New South Wales, or interstate if required. Dedicated container trains deliver outbound export product direct to port to service export customers.

MSM Milling offers overnight deliveries via road transport into all major warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. MSM Milling also has bulk oil storage facilities at Rocklea (Queensland), Auburn (NSW) and Altona (Victoria).

MSM Milling is unique in that it purchases 100% of its canola seed direct from farmers, for delivery directly into the plant or into selected storage providers. This enables effective traceability and identity preservation systems.


MSM Milling is a recognised and awarded exporter that ships high quality, ready to use products directly to end users in more than 15 countries around the world. We have an in-house documentation department, dedicated container packing facilities and rail access on-site allowing seamless delivery of export containers directly to Port Botany.

MSM Milling offers canola oil in flexibags, IBC’s and 205-litre drums, packaged on-site under strict quality control.

Canola meal and MSM Stockfeeds are packed in our enclosed outloading facility. We pack loose in liner bags with a bulkhead in 20FT shipping containers.

Our food service and retail bottled oil products are also packed into shipping containers onsite, ready for exporting around the world.

For any export enquiries please contact: enquiries@msmmilling.com.au

Meet Our Team


Bob Mac Smith

Executive Director

Pete Mac Smith

Executive Director

Tim Churcher


Senior Management

Aaron Huppatz

General Manager Operations

Andrew McMaster

General Manager Grain Accumulation & Storage

Craig Hayhow

Group Manager Logistics

Jacques Labuschagne

General Manager Finance

Jane Brannigan

HR Manager

Jean du Toit

Operations Manager Manildra Packing


Ash Crawford

Process Improvement & Projects Manager

Guin Dickie

HSE Advisor

Kaushal Pathirana

Oil Planning & Technical Manager

Laura Ousby

Sales Coordinator & Customer Service Administrator

Luke Hall

Supervisor Crushing & Refinery

Peter Schilling

Maintenance Manager

Preya Sharavanan

Financial Controller

Sara Whiley

Planning & Logistics Manager Seed, Grain & Meal

Sean Pleasance

Logistics Manager Oil

Tom Mac Smith

Business Manager Feedmill

Tony Gallagher

Grain Storage Operations Manager

Uditha Lokuge

Process Improvement & Projects Engineer

We Are Serious About Sustainability

Learn About Sustainability

MSM Sustainability Philosophy

MSM Milling aims to manage a business that is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. MSM Milling strives to implement this by:
  • Running a business which is financially sound and strives for long term growth and continuous improvement
  • Maintaining commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Displaying integrity in business and maintaining high ethical standards
  • Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Actively promoting and participating in regional development
  • Taking a leading role in producing and promoting healthy vegetable oil products
  • Operating highly efficient, low waste manufacturing sites with low carbon footprints
  • Promoting and increasing the long term well-being and viability of customers, suppliers, employees, the community and the environment.
Sustainability Reporting

Information available in the public domain verifies that MSM Milling has better energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, better water efficiency and less landfill waste than its competitors in Australia.

MSM Milling was recently audited by the renowned Yum Restaurants International STAR Environmental audit scoring 95.58%.

MSM Milling encourages community consultation and engagement. MSM Milling has a 24-hour telephone line in regard to our activities.

The freecall number is 1800 750 034.

Our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan can be found here:

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan 2023

Meeting our environment obligations through Emissions monitoring:

$5.38m bioenergy investment delivers Australia’s first low carbon Canola Oil

In 2019, MSM Milling commissioned a $5.38 million cornerstone project for the Australian food processing industry, making it the country’s first low carbon canola oil producer.

The biomass-fuelled boiler was funded by MSM Milling, in conjunction with a $2 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), under the Advancing Renewables Program.

The 4.88MW boiler is fuelled by locally sourced renewable wood waste, forestry thinnings, offcuts and sawmill by-products, to generate the steam needed for the canola processing operation. The biomass boiler replaces three LPG boilers, with the vast majority of heat and steam requirements now coming from renewables.

The company’s commitment to sustainability and adoption of renewable energy, helps to ensure the future of the business, and is in line with consumers’ demands for environmentally friendly products, production, supply chains and businesses. The boiler is delivering a 70-per-cent reduction in MSM’s thermal energy costs, reducing greenhouse emissions, fossil fuel energy use and depletion, while increasing NSW’s renewable energy generation.

MSM Milling’s switch from LPG to biomass will result in net emissions reductions of more than 80,000-tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents during the life of the project. It means we’re removing the Co2-e of 1,500 cars from the road each year. Over the life of the project, the boiler will offset the carbon footprints of 4,444 Australian households.

The CEO of ARENA, Darren Miller, said the project is helping to showcase the growing benefits of bioenergy uptake in Australia’s energy mix.

“MSM Milling is one of the first examples of a large Australian agricultural industry company reducing its costs and environmental impact by using biomass for thermal energy. It’s something ARENA is proud to have supported and we see significant potential for the project to be replicated elsewhere in the industrial sector,” he said.

MSM Milling took out the Bioenergy Australia Commendation for Corporate Leadership for the fuel switch project at the 2018 Bioenergy Australia Conference.

We Have A Rich History

MSM Milling History


The company began in 1991 when Bob and Pete Mac Smith started a small canola seed crushing operation on their family farm near Orange in Western NSW.


The business grew steadily and in 2005, the brothers formed a Joint Venture with the Chairman of the Manildra Group of Companies, Mr. Dick Honan. A new fully integrated seed crushing and oil refining plant was established on a greenfield site in Manildra, in the heart of the canola growing region of NSW, and starting operating in 2007.

The business commissioned a new on-site packaging facility in 2011 to allow it to package a range of MSM Milling produced edible oils for the domestic and international food service market. The facility boasts fully automated drum manufacturing and filling lines with the latest European technology, a Bag in Box filling line as well as a new state of the art retail packing line that was installed and commissioned in 2016. The packing plant allows MSM Milling to fulfill all packaging orders on-site, ready for delivery and export.

In 2014, MSM Milling built and commissioned a new Feed Mill to value add to canola meal pressed on-site. The plant produces high quality and high protein stockfeeds for local and international markets.