Vegetable Oils

auzure Canola Oil
auzure is MSM Milling's retail brand of canola oil. Full details about the product, retail sizes and recipes can be found here

RBD Canola Oil

MSM Milling produces non gm, expeller pressed, refined bleached and deodorised canola oil. Canola seed is sourced from local farmers and converted to finished product through our innovative integrated processing plant. MSM Milling RBD canola oil has gained a reputation for its superior quality and performance.


RBD Hi-Oleic Canola Oil

MSM Milling now has a specialty canola program, contracting farmers to grow Monola varieties. This non gm high stability oil delivers superior frying life and improved shelf stability. Many customers are successfully using this specialty oil as a healthy and sustainable substitute for palm oil.


RBDW Hi-Oleic Sunflower Oil

MSM Milling is offering RBDW monounsaturated sunflower oil. This high quality, high stability sunflower oil is also winterised and guaranteed with a minimum 80% oleic content.


RBD Cottonseed Oil

MSM Milling is now also producing Australian origin RBD cottonseed oil. Tailored for the food service market, this versatile frying oil is ideal for deep frying applications.


Oil can be supplied in food grade road tankers, 1000 litre pallecons, 205 litre drums or in foodservice packaging direct from the Manildra Group. For any enquiries on our vegetable oil products please contact: