MSM Stockfeeds

MSM Stockfeeds produces quality, trusted feeds using locally sourced, high quality Non-GM Canola Meal expeller pressed in-house by MSM Milling.

MSM Stockfeeds' nutritionist has developed specialised feeds based on quality products from MSM Milling to provide the optimal balance of bypass protein, starch, energy and essential minerals to maximise milk and meat production. The protein and energy in MSM Stockfeeds’ products comes primarily from our Expeller-Pressed Non-GM MSM Canola Meal.

MSM’s unique expeller pressing produces a meal which is high in both bypass protein (or Rumen Undegradable Protein – RUP) and amino acid (protein) availability.

Our range of quality stockfeeds includes:

 - Lamb Starter Wholegrain

 - Lamb Grain Optimiser

 - Lamb Finisher Wholegrain

 - Calf Pellet

 - Beef Weaner

 - Beef Grower

 - Beef Finisher

 - Beef Backgrounder

 - Goat Pellet

 - Expeller Pressed Non-GM Canola Meal

In addition, MSM Stockfeeds produces supplements and custom feeds in pellet form or as a mash for a variety of livestock and feeding situations.

All pellets are now available for purchase. For pricing and further details please call MSM Milling on 02 6364 5999 or email

MSM Milling is a fully Accredited Stockfeed Manufacturers' Council of Australia Feed Supplier.