MSM Sustainability Philosophy


MSM Milling aims to manage a business which is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. MSM Milling endeavours to operate a business model where these three pillars of sustainability are mutually reinforcing.


MSM Milling strives to implement this by:


  • Running a business which is financially sound, and strives for long term growth and continuous improvement
  • Maintaining a commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Displaying integrity in business and maintaining high ethical standards
  • Maintaining a safe work environment 
  • Actively promoting and participating in regional development
  • Taking a leading role in producing and promoting healthy vegetable oil products
  • Operating manufacturing sites with high efficiency and low waste, and a low carbon footprint
  • Promoting and increasing the long term well being and viability of customers, suppliers, employees, the community and the environment


Sustainability Reporting


MSM Milling is currently in the process of producing a ‘Sustainability Report’ which will be released shortly.


Information obtained in the public domain verifies that MSM Milling has better energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, better water efficiency and less landfill waste than its competitors in Australia.


MSM Milling was recently audited by the renowned Yum Restaurants International STAR Environmental audit scoring 81.8%, placing it in the top quartile of all regional peers.


MSM Milling encourages community consultation and engagement. MSM has a 24-hour a day community complaints telephone line in regard to our activities.

The freecall number is 1800 750 034.


Pollution Incident Response Management Plan